How NSI makes a difference

Insuring the contents of your premises, whether business or domestic insurance, may well depend on the type of security system that you have. Insurance companies are now adopting the policy of reliance on the security surveyor to specify the correct level of security according to the risk involved.

In order to assess the insurance risk properly, the surveyor must have all of the information that would normally be given to the insurance company. It is therefore vital for prospective customers to choose a reliable and long established security company, one that has the accreditation of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), otherwise divulging personal and private details of valuable possessions could result in this information getting into the wrong hands.

NSI approved security companies are subject to rigorous inspections which means that their standard of knowledge and workmanship is far superior to that of the average installer.

Wakefield have a 30 year track record of reliability, and all staff are thoroughly screened at the highest level. We are skilled at assessing the risks for insurance purposes, and have even specified, supplied and installed a system to protect the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers.

We  ...   survey ... supply ... install ... maintain ... repair ... advise ... upgrade ... take over ... ALL types of security systems

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Computer linked CCTV CAMERA system

Allows remoteásurveillanceáfromáhome, or even your mobile phone - see your home, office, car park etc. from anywhere in the world.á Ideal for owners of holiday homes abroad. Useful for viewing staff & customer activity in business premises while at home. 

Check our Innovations page for some really useful ways to enhance your security



We are very well equipped to maintain and repair any make of system, no matter how old. We can easily update your existing equipment to give it a new lease of life - who knows, a minor adjustment may be all that is required to give you noticeably better performance.


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Don't forget CCTV Law issues.á Find out what's needed if owning a commercial system - CCTV LAW ADVICE



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